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  1. UK Web Hosting: Advantages of Hosting in the UK

    Posted on February 3rd, 2011 by admin

    UK web hosting has interesting advantages for people from India, China and other South Asian countries. They also have advantages for people from African countries. If a website owner, who has clientele across the Atlantic wants to provide fast access to his website, he can cache a copy of his website in UK with any of the UK webhosting providers to provide fast access to his website. The owner will have to figure out how to synchronize the original and the cached version of the website. There are lots of protocols and mechanisms for doing that too. The other place to cache the website would be in Japan, which would be half way on the route to America through the Pacific, but the language barriers in Japan can make UK a very lucrative option. There are other lucrative options in the West Indies and Cuba, which are English speaking countries and can provide cheap webhosting. Before shelling out the money for the web hosting, a smart shopper should look at these countries too.