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  1. Websites Built with Free Drupal Themes

    Posted on July 15th, 2010 by admin

    Many people and organizations use free drupal themes to build their websites. Websites built with these themes are easy to construct and manage. Both internal and external facing websites can be built. Drupal members can use features and functions provided by drupal to make their website. These features and functions also allow users to make changes so their website suits their needs and purposes.

    A drupal website can easily be automated. This means instead of a member sending out hundreds of e-mails one by one, they can use one of the sites functions to write the e-mail and choose a time for it to be sent out automatically. This feature is great for businesses and one of the many that makes doing every day tasks associated with the website quick and easy.

    Another great feature provided by drupal that many members use is the language feature. Members can build their websites in the language of their choosing. This means a website can be displayed using any of the over 70 languages supported by drupal.