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  1. CSS Template Variation 1

    Posted on May 20th, 2010 by admin

    When people use a free CSS template, they should be aware that there are different variations they can use. Each variation of CSS is built upon the variation before it. Essentially, this means CSS variation one is the building blocks for variation 2, and so on.

    Variation one, or CSS 1, was first introduced in 1996. This variation can do a number of different things for people building a website, including using different types of fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. It also allows users to use the bold and italic functions. Not to mention, CSS 1 allows users to set the background for a webpage and add color to text.

    CSS 1 also allows users to add spaces between words and letters as well as add lines.

    Tables can be inserted into a webpage and text and pictures etc. can be positioned on the left, right, or center. It also allows users to create borders on the webpage and make them as thick or thin as they want. Basically, CSS1 supports the design of a webpage.