1. Benefits of PHP Hosting

    Posted on May 24th, 2011 by admin

    The benefits of PHP hosting is the ability to implant code into a web page and have that code do all the things it’s supposed to do.  This is accomplished without you having to go in and reset anything.  It just happens because you set it up that way, hopefully forever.  The amazing amount of applications that can be loaded onto your pages through PHP will be something that you will have to fight the urge to overdo.  One of the statistics that comes up is that more than 75% of all web developers use PHP scripting on their pages and that does not include the amateurs that are experimenting with it.

    With PHP undergoing constant revision (it is now called PHP 6), the benefits that it will continue to give is only going to increase in number, however as a starting list, how about:  Forms that capture e-mails, clocks that keep perfect time, back up files automatically, clean up directories by reformatting, support just about any database in use.  The list of benefits that are available is staggering.

  2. Consider Customer Support in a DreamHost Review

    Posted on May 6th, 2011 by admin

    Have you ever wondered what you should look for in a DreamHost review? Well the first thing is to ensure that the customer support is as good as the website hosting site is leading you to believe. You want customer service that is high quality and friendly.

    It may be that you find the odd review that is bad but you should read into the specifics. If somebody had a problem with the customer support at DreamHost, you want to find out the reasons for that. You should check to ensure that it was not due to something that the reviewer had done accidentally.

    If you are a novice when it comes to websites, you want a customer support that is going to help you each step of the way – there are plenty of people like that and there will be reviews that include that information. If you are a website developer by trade, you want a customer support that will be able to help when there is a problem on their side.

  3. About IX Web Hosting

    Posted on May 3rd, 2011 by admin

    IX web hosting started out in 1999 in an unconventional way. The web hosting company started the business with one server in a living room where they hosted a website for their first client. Today, ix web hosting has over 110,000 clients and hosts over 470,000 websites. Each ix web hosting plan comes with a full 100% money back guarantee. Each new customer that signs up also gets a free 7 day trial to test their hosting plan and see if it’s right for them.

    The IXwebhosting review found that personalized customer support is a big part of this web hosting company. IX web hosting decided from the get go that they wanted to be known for their customer support and is why they included personalized customer support into their company philosophy. The company created what is called a Support Rep Program. Each customer that signs up with the company is assigned their own support agent that they can personally contact with questions or other issues. Clients can call, e-mail or chat live with their support agent.

  4. UK Web Hosting: Advantages of Hosting in the UK

    Posted on February 3rd, 2011 by admin

    UK web hosting has interesting advantages for people from India, China and other South Asian countries. They also have advantages for people from African countries. If a website owner, who has clientele across the Atlantic wants to provide fast access to his website, he can cache a copy of his website in UK with any of the UK webhosting providers to provide fast access to his website. The owner will have to figure out how to synchronize the original and the cached version of the website. There are lots of protocols and mechanisms for doing that too. The other place to cache the website would be in Japan, which would be half way on the route to America through the Pacific, but the language barriers in Japan can make UK a very lucrative option. There are other lucrative options in the West Indies and Cuba, which are English speaking countries and can provide cheap webhosting. Before shelling out the money for the web hosting, a smart shopper should look at these countries too.

  5. Business Hosting that Offers a Money Back Guarantee

    Posted on September 6th, 2010 by admin

    There are a number of companies out there that are offering low cost business hosting for your small company website, but there is something that you should always make sure of before you commit to buying it.

    You should find a company that will offer you at least 30 days money back guarantee. This is the best way to make sure that the company you have chosen is the right fit for you. Not everything will be what you are looking for but sometimes you will not know about it until you start the hosting. This is what the money back guarantee is for. You will have plenty of time within a month to make the decision whether you are willing to stay with them.

    However, do bear in mind that if you have been offered a free domain name, you will not get the money back for that. Instead, you will get to keep the domain name and take it with you to another hosting website that you may opt for.

  6. Websites Built with Free Drupal Themes

    Posted on July 15th, 2010 by admin

    Many people and organizations use free drupal themes to build their websites. Websites built with these themes are easy to construct and manage. Both internal and external facing websites can be built. Drupal members can use features and functions provided by drupal to make their website. These features and functions also allow users to make changes so their website suits their needs and purposes.

    A drupal website can easily be automated. This means instead of a member sending out hundreds of e-mails one by one, they can use one of the sites functions to write the e-mail and choose a time for it to be sent out automatically. This feature is great for businesses and one of the many that makes doing every day tasks associated with the website quick and easy.

    Another great feature provided by drupal that many members use is the language feature. Members can build their websites in the language of their choosing. This means a website can be displayed using any of the over 70 languages supported by drupal.

  7. CSS Template Variation 1

    Posted on May 20th, 2010 by admin

    When people use a free CSS template, they should be aware that there are different variations they can use. Each variation of CSS is built upon the variation before it. Essentially, this means CSS variation one is the building blocks for variation 2, and so on.

    Variation one, or CSS 1, was first introduced in 1996. This variation can do a number of different things for people building a website, including using different types of fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. It also allows users to use the bold and italic functions. Not to mention, CSS 1 allows users to set the background for a webpage and add color to text.

    CSS 1 also allows users to add spaces between words and letters as well as add lines.

    Tables can be inserted into a webpage and text and pictures etc. can be positioned on the left, right, or center. It also allows users to create borders on the webpage and make them as thick or thin as they want. Basically, CSS1 supports the design of a webpage.

  8. Better Contact through Ecommerce Hosting

    Posted on April 6th, 2010 by admin

    As the world moves more in favor of online businesses, or at least companies having an online option, it means that ecommerce hosting is becoming more and more popular. There are many benefits, including the support that is able to be gained from using this form of business.

    Many people prefer to e-mail companies now because it is quick, easy and free. It also means that they are more likely to receive a swift reply to anything that they have to say. This is made more possible when companies have a website. The customer is able to e-mail to find out more information about the products, the returns policy and anything else that they need.

    Having a website also means that it is possible for a sales business to market their products to a larger area and make arrangements with other companies. E-commerce is so diverse that it means separate sales assistants can even have their own website to be able to make their own sales. This will also help with keeping track of items sold by each employee.